Truth, Transparency & Commitment
The Value System behind our Success for over 3 decades !

4 in Top 10 and 10 in Top 30 All India Ranks from FIITJEE Classroom Programs

in JEE Advanced 2024

*FIITJEE Online Classes while endeavouring to simulate offline experience have some unique advantages. All Live Interactive Online Classes are recorded for ease of reference and review. These provide students flexibility to learn at their own pace, accessibility for catching up on missed classes and act as a valuable tool for revision.

FIITJEE is the only institute that clearly mentions the exact & complete details of the Classroom Program(s) of enrolled students while publishing the results. FIITJEE was the first and till today remains the only institute that invites Parents, Students, Media et al. to come and check the records of our students.

Classroom Program Students Trounce all others

in JEE Advanced 2024

3 in Top 10, 8 in Top 30 All India Ranks

The comparative data of all institutes from Delhi & NCR and detailed national results will follow.

We wish all FIITJEE students who have qualified JEE Advanced 2024 enormous success for their IIT journey and life ahead...

> Admission cum Scholarship Test* for Students of Class XI - 23rd June, 14th July, 4th & 11th August 2024

> Please find out dates for the various FIITJEE Admission Tests* viz FTRE, BigBang Edge, Dronacharya 1, Dronacharya 2 and Escape Velocity Tests, to admit students for the next academic session beginning April 2025 by click here.

FIITJEE has produced the highest number of selections in IIT-JEE / JEE Advanced consistently since 1997. Besides this, FIITJEE Students have bagged the highest number of selections in NTSE and Junior & Senior Science Olympiads for over last 15 years.

Why FIITJEE keeps on winning ? Why FIITJEE Students outperform others not only in IITs, NITs & other colleges but also in career thereafter and life in general ? Why FIITJEE Students do not experience extreme stress & tension that students from Kota system experience ?

> We always admit students through a thorough admission test and give detailed analytics and diagnosis about the student’s potential and set realistic ambitious goals for every student. So, FIITJEE students are subjected to ethical pressure but not stress or tension. Children thrive and bloom when subjected to ethical pressure and realistic ambitious targets.

> FIITJEE always focuses on imparting good value system to the students and guides them to acquire the right personality traits. This is done in a very subtle manner just like parents.

> FIITJEE never compromises with Value System – Truth, Transparency, and Commitment. We are always 100% honest, ethical & transparent. We have never adopted any unfair means for any gains. Whatever we do is in the larger public interest. We only believe in doing positive KARMAs. We never poach students from any coaching institute We never poach faculty or staff from any coaching institute or any other organisation. In short, we never LOOT SUCCESS and yet keep on winning.

> FIITJEE never rests on past laurels. Our continuous R&D ensures that the FIITJEE pedagogy is continuously evolving to give success not just in competitive and scholastic exams but long-term success in life. We are now poised to unravel Total Potential (Hidden & Manifested) of a student.

Parents and Educators – Please click here to learn how to make the right choices for children to make them win in life. Children suffer under stress & tension, and when given illusionary success possibilities for commercial gains. Children sometimes take extreme steps of taking their own life. You should also learn how to avoid this.

Why students from Kota based institutes and some other renowned institutes with unilateral focus on competitive exam preparation with no extra-curricular activities, sports and focus on giving the right value system & personality traits underperform in IITs and life thereafter ? Please click here. to know views of former IIT Director and other prominent academicians.

FIITJEE is the only institute that has captured
All India Ranks 1, 2 & 3
From Classroom Programs Twice in the history

Jee Advanced 2021

Mridul Agarwal

Contact Program

Dhananjay Raman

UDAYA Two Year (VII - VIII) + Four Year Classroom Program (Class IX - XII)

Anant Lunia

Three Year Classroom
Program (Class X - XII)

IIT JEE 2012

Arpit Agrawal

ASCENT - One Year Classroom Program (Class X) +
Two Year Classroom
Program (Class XI & XII)

Bijoy Singh Kochar

ASCENT - Two Year Classroom Program (Class IX & X) + PINNACLE
- Two Year Integrated School
Program (Class XI & XII)

Nishanth N Koushik

PINNACLE - Two Year Integrated
School Program
(Class XI & XII)